Ottawa County Holiday Bureau, Inc.


About Us


Celebrating 57 years of community service

Our History

The Ottawa County Holiday Bureau, Inc. is a non for profit organization that was started in Port Clinton, Ohio in 1962 by a small group of volunteers, who wanted to make the Christmas season a little happier for some of the less fortunate residents of their community.  The Holiday Bureau provides local residents with food, toys and essentials for Christmas.  Many disciplines are used in this effort, churches, businesses, schools, clubs, organizations and individuals.  The Holiday Bureau includes all of Ottawa County divided into separate units. The Allen-Clay-Harris Township unit consists of  Curtice, Clay Center, Genoa, Martin and  Elmore.  Benton-Carroll-Salem unit consists of Elliston, Gray Town, Rocky Ridge and Oak Harbor. Catawba Island is part of Catawba Township.  Danbury Unit consists of Marblehead. Port Clinton is part of the Bay-Erie-Portage Township unit. These are all tied together by a county wide board of trustees whose function is to provide coordination between units and to prevent duplication of services.  Each unit retains its own autonomy, collecting its own funds and spending its own money for their residents in their community.  Money collected by each unit is used for the purchase of food, cleaning products, baby items, and paper essentials.  Each unit has its own chairman and treasurer.  The county board of trustees also establishes policy and procedures, eligibility criteria, the method of fund raising, etc. in order that the Holiday Bureau services can be uniform throughout the county.


All persons involved in the Holiday Bureau are volunteers, there is no paid staff.  Eligibility for the program is determined by a salary scale based on the WSOS and HEAP guidelines.  Special circumstances such as catastrophic illness or other financially disastrous situations are taken into consideration.  Each unit has its own distribution date and location where families can pick up their food or have it delivered.  The Holiday Bureau works closely with Port Clinton's Salvation Army, which provides toys for each unit.